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High Frequency (400 Hz) AC Induction Motors

for high performance applications (INM Series)

The INM Series of high frequency AC induction motors is intended for aircraft applications utilizing 400 Hz power sources. Design features include both high efficiencies and high power densities to conserve weight. They are designed in accord with military standards, making them suitable for use on both commercial and military aircraft. INM motors provide a solution wherever there is a need for an induction motor to be powered from a 400 Hz power source. In addition, these induction AC motors also include custom features as requested by respective manufacturers.

MTI has a wealth of knowledge and experience designing AC Induction Motors in systems where DC was not available or where "off-the-shelf" AC motors would not fit the requirements. We highly recommend that you contact our engineering staff for any unusual application or requirements. MTI has designed many of these types of induction AC motors for use in the following systems:

Fields of Application
  • Actuation systems
  • Optical sight systems
  • Environmental control valves
  • Flight data instruments
  • Fire control and fuse applications
  • Fuel control valves
Unique Features
  • High power density and efficiency
  • Flexibility of designs to suit custom needs
  • Contactorless detent torque magnet assemblies are optional, with little or no change in length
  • Multiphase design and run capabilities
  • Special housing configurations available as option
  • High Temperature operation capability; utilizing 220 ° C magnet wire as standard

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