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BLHP Series

Brushless High Performance Servo Series

MTI's Brushless High Performance Servo Series of DC Motors (the BLHP Series) features compact, high power density designs with high torque to inertia ratios, and high operating efficiencies. They are ideal for extra smooth position control, especially where detent torque needs to be minimized. In addition, they are suitable for operation under environmental extremes of temperature, shock and vibration. They are commonly used as servo position control motors onboard aircraft. Generally, they can accommodate the most stringent aerospace and industrial position control applications.

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Fields of Applications

MTI has designed many of these types of brushless DC motors for use in the following systems:

  • Fuel Controls
  • Missile Fin Actuation
  • Missile Seeker Gimble
  • Centrifuge
  • Missile Fin Actuation
  • Orthoscopic Surgical Tools
  • Respirators
  • Dental Surgical Tools
  • Organ Transport Pump System
  • Orthoscopic Surgical Tools
  • Dental Surgical Tools
  • Focusing Mechanisms
  • Trim & Stabilizer Controls
  • Cabin Pressure Valves
  • Cargo Powered Drive Units
  • Fuel Control / Pumps & Valves
  • Electric Brake System Components
  • Stair Actuation
  • Door Latch & Flight Lock Actuation
  • Auxiliary Power Unit Components
  • Environmental Control
  • Wipers & Landing Lights
  • High Speed Camera Shutter
  • Canopy Ejection
  • Turret Servo Actuation
  • Robotic Actuation
  • Winches & Hoists
  • UAV Actuation
Design Features
  • High temperature operation up to 220°C
  • Specs reflect high energy/high temp SmCo magnets
  • Optional NdFeB magnets
  • 3-phase Delta winding standard; Wye optional
  • Class 'H' insulation standard
  • Adheres to MIL design standards
  • ABEC 3 bearings standard
  • Various feedback options available
    • Hall Sensors
      • Digital
      • Linear
    • Resolver
    • Encoder
  • Secondary magnet retention (depending upon speed)
Unique Features
  • Low cogging torque, providing improved servo efficiency and reduced torque ripple
  • Vacuum environments
  • Highest torque and power density in the industry
  • High torque to inertia ratio
  • Windings optimized for each application
  • High operating efficiency

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BLHP Brushless High Performance Servo Series DC Motors

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