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BDC Series

Brush DC motors for specialized applications

BDC motors provide a solution wherever there is a distinct preference for the characteristics of a brush DC motor design - such as inherent control simplicity. Design features include an adherence to military standards, making them suitable for use in both aerospace and military applications. In addition, they include custom features as requested by respective manufacturers.

MTI designs and manufactures custom, open frame, high-torque brush torquers for the avionic and aerospace markets. The designs are built to the most critical specifications in the small motor industry. We utilize our own transfer molding technology to seal the windings from harsh environments and contaminants. This epoxy molding process was developed to ensure the highest reliable motor design available.

MTI also manufactures high quality, high performance Micromotors and Servo Motors in the Motion Control Markets. These designs incorporate the latest in materials and processes to satisfy multiple uses and applications.

Fields of Applications

MTI has designed many of these types of brush motors in the following systems:

  • Avionic flight heading instruments for all types of aircraft
  • Autopilot mechanisms
  • Fuel monitoring systems
  • Missile fin control systems
  • Navigation devices
  • Seeker and gimbal systems
  • Optical sight mechanisms
  • Capstand and reel recorder systems for aircraft
  • Small radar systems
  • Missile seeker and guidance control systems
Design Features
  • Extended shelf life processing for reliable first time start up
  • Specialized brush materials for extremely low voltage drop for low voltage operation
  • Mechanical and performance stability at high shock loads and vibrations.
  • Alnico and rare earth magnet materials are used
  • High temperature insulation systems for 180°C environments or higher
  • High altitude operation component design

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Brush DC Motors

Size Parameters


Model Number Max. Continuous Stall Torque, Tcs
Inertia, Jm
Motor Constant, Km
oz-in/Watt ½
Thermal Resistance, tr
BDC-08-01-2P 0.55 0.23 0.42 42.30
BDC-09-01-2P 0.62 0.26 0.45 38.00
BDC-09-02-2P 1.07 0.43 0.70 26.40
BDC-09-03-2P 1.24 0.47 0.71 24.00
BDC-15-01-2P 4.69 2.20 2.40 18.90
BDC-15-02-2P 8.02 3.80 3.20 13.30
BDC-15-03-2P 14.11 4.60 5.10 9.40
BDC-15-04-2P 17.3 5.80 5.70 7.70
BDC-21-02-4P 16.66 0.40 4.16 4.50
BDC-21-04-4P 31.18 0.51 7.35 4.00
BDC-21-06-4P 43.77 0.70 9.87 3.50
BDC-21-08-4P 57.8 0.97 11.80 3.00